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Gardening at School: Tips for Teachers

Garden-based learning is an exciting movement in the U.S. education system that has many benefits for students. School gardens have been shown to boost physical activity, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, improve student attitudes toward school, decrease problematic behaviors or those behaviors associated with attention deficit disorder, and effectively engage students of diverse backgrounds and learning styles. Further, garden-based learning can create memorable, hands-on learning opportunities that integrate gardening with math, science, social studies, and language arts.

Although school gardening offers many advantages, teachers' knowledge of gardening and their comfort level working with students in a garden setting may make them hesitant. In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • An overview of recent scholarship on garden-based learning and teacher preparedness.
  • Basic gardening skills that make garden-based learning less intimidating.
  • A few "Back Pocket" activities to fill time in the garden.
  • Tips for curriculum integration in the garden and getting administrators on-board.
  • Where to look for additional information and resources on garden-based learning.

Dr. Sarah Cramer

Sarah Cramer is an Assistant Professor of sustainable food systems at Stetson University in DeLand, FL. She holds a PhD in agricultural education and a master of public health degree, both from the University of Missouri. Before returning to school to complete her doctorate, Sarah spent three years as a garden educator at the Southern Boone Learning Garden, a model school garden program in Ashland, MO. Her research explores the potential of elementary school garden programs to serve as change agents in both the food system and the public education system.

Dr. Mercedes Tichenor

Mercedes Tichenor is a Professor of Education at Stetson University. Her research interests include best practices in education, teacher professionalism, and school gardening.


Gardening at School: Tips for Teachers
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Open to view video. Follow our tips to make the prospect of gardening with your students less intimidating, more rewarding, and academically valuable.
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