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"Home" Work to Inspire Culturally Responsive Teaching

"Home" is a common educational theme in the elementary grades. Teaching about different living situations is an example of culturally responsive teaching. It allows students to feel more accepted in their family's housing choices, and exposes students to housing options they may not be aware of. Today's children are not only tomorrow's housing consumers; they are also tomorrow's housing professionals, community leaders, and elected officials. Their increased knowledge about a broad array of housing options will guide housing solutions in the future. But are today's elementary educators fully aware of and knowledgeable about diverse housing options? An ongoing project at Ball State University has uncovered concerns about a somewhat narrow focus on "home" in the elementary grades. This webinar is designed to expand educators' ability to teach about "home".

As a result of participating in the webinar, participants will be able to:

• Discover why it is important to expose children to a broad array of housing options.

• Uncover their own potential housing bias.

• Evaluate children's books for their housing message.

• Select appropriate housing-related books for the elementary classroom.

• Broaden their focus on "home" in the classroom by expanding the housing content in their lesson plans.

Dr. Carla Earhart

Carla Earhart is an award-winning housing educator at Ball State University. In her university classes, she uses a variety of techniques to teach about housing...movies, TV shows, literature, art, news media, social media, etc. She has combined her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies with her graduate degrees in Housing, along with her professional experiences in the housing industry, to create professional development materials that focus on "home" for the elementary grades. Her work in housing education has been showcased in a variety of publications and at a variety of conferences.

Hannah Hays

Hannah Hays is a KDP member and undergraduate student at Ball State University majoring in Special Education and Elementary Education. She has served as an Undergraduate Honors Fellow for two years, working with Dr. Earhart to learn about housing as it relates to elementary education and assisting with the creation of professional development materials for elementary educators. She will be student teaching in the Spring 2023 semester.


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Open to view video. Teaching about "home" is culturally responsive teaching.
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