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Using Digital Storytelling to Promote Understanding of Self and Others

Appreciating diversity in the classroom is critical, but it must first begin with understanding oneself, which requires much introspection and reflection. Providing students opportunities to think critically about who they are, their culture (both surface and deep), and how they fit into the world opens doors for understanding and acceptance of others. One way to do this is through a digital story. Such stories have the power to promote engagement and challenge student understanding of diversity concepts and social justice issues by allowing storytellers to share their perspectives through multimedia (Grant & Bolin, 2016).
Key takeaways from this webinar will be:
1. Rationale for using digital storytelling to give voice to individual and others’ perspectives 
2. Exploration of how to use digital storytelling to bring together groups of people with similar stories regardless of geographical closeness (Polk, 2010)
3. Overview of the seven elements of digital storytelling
4. Discussion of various technological tools beneficial for digital storytelling
5. Examples of digital stories
6. Assignment ideas involving the use of digital storytelling

Melissa Comer

Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Tennessee Technological University

Dr. Melissa Comer serves as Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at Tennessee Technological University, where she teaches literacy and technology-related courses. Professional scholarly experience includes numerous presentations as well as the publication of conference proceedings and scholarly articles in various reputable journals. Developing and maintaining several course websites, Dr. Comer also served as the webmaster and president of the Tennessee Council for Teachers of English (TCTE) as well as the co-editor for Visions & Revisions, TCTE’s online newsletter.


03/31/2022 at 6:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 02/24/2022
03/31/2022 at 6:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 02/24/2022 This webinar explores using digital storytelling to build diversity concepts by developing an understanding of self and others.
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